July 12, 2018. Karlsruhe, Germany

Mercy we are tired. The car worked great but it was a 12 hour day behind the wheel after just 2 hours sleep. We've run into a buzz saw of an event and it's only been one day.

Lorraine and I thought we had read there are just a couple of milestones to find each day... wrong. There are about 12 each day. Very daunting to say the least.

Fortunately we latched on to a veteran couple at the start and by following them all day, it gave much better context to the semi cryptic daily directions. Lorraine began to pick it up in no time.

Here are a two snaps from today's 12 control stops. One a cemetery near the race course at Spa, Belgium, the other crossing the Rhine via ferry near Leimershiem Germany. Tomorrow we'll end up in Munich.