July 19, 2018 in Marlengo, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

I am lying if I were to tell you that I thought the odds were with us to make it past the halfway mark. But here we are in Marlengo, Italy at the end of LBL day eight with three more to go. This part of Italy is so far north most towns have two names, one Italian and one German.

The Fiat was flawless today and I am beginning to think that the purported original low miles of just 63000 kilometers (40,000 miles) might actually be authentic. When we bought the car, that was the story the dealer told, but who believes car dealers. There was also the original Italian license book going back decades that reinforced the low miles but I still was sceptical.

Yet the way this car has preformed is the best indicator. It pulls up the hill's better than all the other 500s and has all manner of original bits still on her. I am now convinced the claim was genuine.

As for the rally standings, we pretty much are crap. Yet the overall nature of this event is a survival marathon and on that scale we are all in. I now dare to contemplate finishing all ten driving days of the event.