July 20, 2018. Passo Pennes

We left Italy this morning but not before Lorraine insisted we eat real Italian pizza last night before headed back north toward Austria and Germany today. She had zero resistance from me as I share her affinity for the best pizza in the world.

It was not too difficult a day, relatively speaking. We had only one moderate pass to survive, the Passo Pennes with an altitude of 7250 feet, followed by some afternoon showers after crossing into Germany.

Take a ride along with us below for about a minute as we descend from the pass near Brennaro, Austria on our way to Innsbruck and another climb. The white car in front of us is our friends Peter Sharples and Mike Bell from the UK. Their car along with ours are two of just three true Fiat 500s on the rally that still have the original non-syncromesh "crash" gearbox and 500cc engine.

Tonight we are in the German lakeside town of Bernreid. Tomorrow is the penultimate day of the rally and we will hopefully make it to Bretten Germany. Along the way are several museums to visit plus we will end the day in Bretten's historic town square where we have been permitted to park and enjoy the surrounding local bars and scenery.