July 22, 2018 in Liège, Belgium

And just like that the Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally was over. Ten days of demanding and breathtaking driving over 2,000 miles.

Here is little Sophia at the finish line which was the courtyard of the Abbey of Stavelot. Our sweet running cinquecento distinguish herself by finishing every leg under her own power and never requiring a single roadside repair once the rally started.

Each leg finished was fatiguing satisfaction with many of the details now melted into a roux of overdose. The last few nights at dinner we could still feel the car moving under us like sailors too long at sea returning to shore.

The awards dinner gave way to toasts, autographs, stories and revelry until we were finally asked to leave the dinning hall some time well past midnight.

I gave a toast of a simple poem I conjured while trying to stay alert on the final leg and it goes like this:

Life is an adventure with only one chance, so don't waste a drink and always dance the last dance.
Plus we can't take it with us, so before you hit the deck, spend all that you've got and bounce the last check.

Drink up.